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Modernize Your Communications Today is Accelerating Businesses Use of Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service while Saving Them Time and Money

Impacting the Industry and your Organization

The Next Evolution of Communications

Intelligent IVR

  • Augment your existing IVR with conversational AI

  • 60% Reduction In Call Volume

  • Get Answers 6x Faster

Human-Like Chatbot

  • Leverage artificial intelligence to deliver answers in a human-like way

  • Suggest products and services to your customers

  • Keep your customer support going 24/7

Voice Apps

  • Reach More Than 1.83B Users On Voice Apps

  • Launch your voice app (voice assistant) on Alexa and Google

  • Secure your domain name on voice and increase your brand presence

Traditionally, IT Projects are Time-Consuming, Complex and Expensive

Here's why you need Zammo

Unparalleled Function and Performance

Remarkably simple yet powerful pre & post launch


See the Future of Creating Intelligent, Natural, Emotionally Engaging Conversational Tools for your Customers

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

“AI machine learning is being infused into every experience in a deep way, and you're going to see a lot of that”

- Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

Now available to be hosted on your existing Azure tenant

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Considerably improves your customer experience and accessibility

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Simplifies creation and publishing of conversational content

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Automates recurring inquiries to free up your contact center staff

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Provides actionable customer insights from a unified analytics dashboard

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Secures your brands domain name, and handles the publishing to voice assistants

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