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Zammo’s mission is to bring customers and organizations together by enabling Conversational AI interactions, regardless of industry, size, or IT skill set.

The world is rapidly adopting Conversational AI to get things done. With our ever-changing world, businesses are looking to new technologies to communicate the latest, most accurate information to their audience, but struggle to find the most efficient and cost-effective ways to do so. We create AI-powered tools that provide innovative ways for organizations to grow their market share, conduct transactions and support their customers, including people with disabilities. With Zammo’s user-friendly, affordable, and cross-platform solution, businesses of all sizes can have a branded presence on voice (i.e. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant) and deploy conversational communications to multiple channels, such as chatbots and Telephony/IVR (Interactive Voice Recognition), in a surprisingly short amount of time with little or no professional IT help.

With's SaaS platform powered by Azure OpenAI Service, businesses can create branded, cross-platform voice and web apps fast

Microsoft shares how our solution is making it easy for organizations to go live with Azure OpenAI Service and Azure Cognitive Search across multiple channels

Montgomery County Government (Maryland) uses Azure AI–based to support successful COVID-19 vaccination program offers the county a no-code platform to help build bots quickly and efficiently

SaaS Platform to empower job seekers and employers

Our solution is providing job seekers of all abilities to have access to an inclusive interface that can be leveraged in several stages in the job search and application journey

How AI is Being Used to Improve Disability Employment

Zammo uses Microsoft grant to improve the job seeking process for any person with a disability

Zammo Brings Conversational AI, Cross-Platform Voice Apps, and Chatbots to Customers With Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Conversational AI impacts small businesses, enterprise companies, and state & local government

#LaunchWithAI - Benefits of Being Cloud-Native on Azure

Microsoft for Startups covers how Zammo uses applied AI to deliver efficiency at scale

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Three-Week AI Implementation - With No Added Budget Spend

Energy regulator automates high volume of queries within approved timeline and budget

The Challenge

  • Staff was overwhelmed by call volume into their contact center

  • Wished to deflect via multi-channel conversational chat and automated triage of inbound telephone calls

The Solution

  • Deploy internal and public-facing chatbots, plus IVR

The Impact

  • Increased call deflection and customer satisfaction

  • Decreased cost per interaction and average handling time

  • Improved user experience by allowing the public to feel their voice is heard

Airport Gains Back Traveler Mindshare With 84% Success Rate for Questions Answered by Voice Assistants

Chatbot and voice app provide real-time travel information using existing APIs

The Challenge

  • Airports are realizing they lost the battle of mobile apps to the airlines and see voice as the opportunity to gain back traveler mindshare

The Solution

  • Deployed content to a chatbot and voice assistants

  • Created a connection to existing APIs – TSA Wait Time, Flight Status, etc

The Impact

  • Airport paused a major RFP when they realized they could launch quickly and iterate toward sensor and IoT integrations etc. through Zammo 

  • 84% success rate for questions answered correctly by voice assistants

Cut Existing Custom Development RFP by Six Figures and Multiple Months of Development Time

Chatbot and voice app provide real-time travel information using existing APIs

The Challenge

  • Citizen requests required a manual process that strained staff resources

The Solution

  • SaaS solution that allows their small teams to create, iterate, and scale

  • Information deployed about the city's response to COVID-19, snow routes and other city topics

The Impact

  • Zammo was able to trim the existing custom development RFP by six figures and multiple months of development time

Media Outlet Uses Zammo to Drive Loyalty and Broaden Consumption

Outlet gains competitive advantage over other networks

The Challenge

  • Expand content to voice assistants without any IT resources

  • Goal was to drive subscriber loyalty and increase content consumption 

The Solution

  • A  voice app where media outlet  could deploy FAQ content on voice assistants

  • Outlet also added a flash briefing using their existing RSS feed 

The Impact

  • Enhanced VEO is rewarded with higher SEO placement when a user receives a briefing

  • Reaching a larger number of subscribers with voice 

  • Among first outlets to deploy voice presence

State Government Switches to Zammo After Being 'Swamped by Data' From DIY Azure Bot

Original software development asset is saved without starting from scratch

The Challenge

  • Overwhelmed with user engagement data

  • No resources to build a unified analytics platform  ​

  • Wanted to expand to voice assistants and get unified analytics across all channels, not just their existing bot ​

The Solution

  • State quickly migrated their existing bot to Zammo platform

  • State capitalized on their original investment and easily expanded to other channels without lengthy deployment

  • Alexa and Google Assistant provide additional communication channels to engage users 

  • Analytics dashboard provided user engagement insights on all channels in one place

The Impact

  • Reduced trouble tickets by over 10%

  • Increased call deflection and customer satisfaction ​

Global System Integrator Sees 62% Cost Reduction in ⅔ of Projected Timeline

Adopts national go-to-market strategy with Zammo for speed and cost savings

The Challenge

  • Partner had a major state customer with poor call center metrics, staff shortages and difficulty hiring

  • Average hold times had increased by 40% and call resolution ratio dropped 20%

  • Partner was going to DIY on Azure with estimated budget of $1.85M in 9 months

The Solution

  • Zammo simplified implementation by building, connecting and deploying conversational AI, and providing unified analytics across all channels

  • Zammo delivered a national SI training course to supplement resources

The Impact

  • Partner reduced overall cost to $885K in 3 months​

  • Zammo led to a cost reduction of 62% and a ⅔ time reduction

National Auto Insurer Adopts Zammo Conversational AI to Issue More Quotes Faster

Solution provided multilingual conversational AI 24/7 with unified analytics

The Challenge

  • Increase the number of insurance quotes while still managing claims at their contact center

  • Team lacked conversational AI expertise and found the project too complicated

The Solution

  • Multilingual conversational AI 

  • Unified analytics across telephony, voice assistants and chatbots

  • Back-end Genesys integration

The Impact

  • Contact center able to provide more quotes, faster, 24/7, and on all channels

County Expects to Save $1.5M Per Year With Zammo IVR Chatbot

Hotlines launched in just five days, diverting 100% of calls in the first two weeks

The Challenge

  • County experienced a surge in calls related to the first phase of its COVID-19 vaccination program

  • Callers and staff were frustrated by excessive wait times, busy signals and a 10-20% call abandonment rate

The Solution

  • County launched multi-modal voice and text chatbots for its contact center and hotline in just five days

  • Complex 14-step multi-turn conversation supports 100% of inbound calls

The Impact

  • Reduced abandoned calls to just 3% with a 90% reduction in hold times 

  • Replaced calls normally averaging 3.5 minutes at $1/minute call with a predicted savings of up to $1.5 million a year

Online Retailer Successfully Answers 97% of Customer Queries With Zammo Chatbot

Retailer improved website user experience, while decreasing demands on staff

The Challenge

  • Retailer wanted to alleviate overwhelming demand on staff required to support existing live-agent chatbot 

The Solution

  • Zammo delivered a conversational AI chatbot using existing FAQ content​

  • If live agent is requested, customer experiences seamless transition when transferred to a live agent and never leaves the Zammo chatbot

The Impact

  • Zammo chatbot delivered a 97% success rate answering customer questions within 90 days of going live, reducing demand on live agents

Local Coffee Shop Chain Engages Customers on Voice With No IT Staff

Local chain secures invocation name on voice, a tricky task for small businesses looking to expand their brand

The Challenge

  • Coffee shop chain wanted to easily engage customers through a voice presence on mobile phones and smart speakers

  • No IT staff nor experience in developing a voice presence

The Solution

  • Proof of concept was built in one day by Zammo

  • Implemented a voice bot to help existing and prospective customers find the nearest locations in a hands-free manner

The Impact

  • Customers are able to quickly and easily find their nearest location utilizing a voice bot

  • Applied the latest conversational AI technology with no internal IT resources in just one day

Chatbot Launched in 24 Hours to Accelerate County’s Economic Recovery Efforts

Analytics dashboard reveals 44% of bot users are engaging through voice assistants

The Challenge

  • During COVID-19’s peak, this county was overwhelmed with unemployment claims and struggled to maintain operations

The Solution

  • New chatbot service was launched in just 24 hours

  • Users leveraged chatbot online and through a voice assistant device, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home

The Impact

  • Chatbot has answered thousands of inquiries, with auto-translation enabling responses in five languages

  • County is gaining user insights to analyze sentiments and extract keywords, which uncovered that 44% of bot users are engaging through voice assistants; 10X more than expected

24/7 Chatbot Answers Nearly 10,000 Questions a Month for County Health Department

Chatbot made available to public in one week; reduced unanswered questions by 85%

The Challenge

  • Public Health department staff were overwhelmed with inquiries coming in through its website, email and COVID-19 contact center

The Solution

  • County implemented its COVID-19 chatbot in just one week

  • Two-way integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Zammo’s platform enabled higher-value bot conversations

The Impact

  • Chatbot answered nearly 10,000 questions a month

  • Staff can easily and quickly make daily updates with the most timely, accurate information

  • User engagement data was used to refine and create new content, reducing unanswered questions by 85%

Multinational Tech Company Chooses Zammo over SAP, Salesforce, and ServiceNow to Build Their Chatbot

Chatbot will improve and streamline employee experience with minimal internal IT resources

The Challenge

  • Company needed an internal chatbot tool Sales & Operations departments that would integrate existing systems to speed up processes and improve the user experience

  • Many departments and people working across a variety of systems and platforms

The Solution

  • Chatbot with single-click functionality for approximately 500 daily internal users

  • Customized the look and feel to match company branding

  • Connects to internal and external APIs within one conversation from one request

The Impact

  • Streamlines communication for multinational and multilingual employees with one tool

  • Enhanced and improved employee experience

The Challenge

  • Contact center experienced very high call volume; staff was overwhelmed by repetitive calls

  • City was under pressure to launch a solution fast without a huge budget

The Solution

  • Zammo is building the conversational design for approximately 60+ workflows across seven departments

  • AI conversations will deploy across four different channels (mobile app, mobile website, website, IVR)

  • Workflows connect to different back-end systems with API integrations

The Impact

  • Consistent user experience across channels

  • Customers experience no wait time on any channel

  • City saves money while increasing employee and resident satisfaction

Major City Redefines 311 Service with Conversational AI

Seven departments launch 70+ conversation workflows over voice, mobile, web, Social

The Challenge

  • School system was not satisfied with Watson chatbot

  • They experienced challenges with building a DIY chatbot and IVR integration

The Solution

  • Zammo offered one solution for both IVR and chatbot, rather than juggling multiple platforms

  • Accelerated product launch to meet short deadline (4-6 week turnaround)

  • Integrated with existing APIs

  • Common questions are diverted from the contact center and system integrated with existing APIs

The Impact

  • Decrease support costs for contact center with fewer routine calls

  • Quickly provide more information to more people

  • Unified analytics delivered to Power BI system for review

Country’s largest school system selects Zammo for speed, efficiency, cost savings

Zammo will replace unsuccessful Watson chatbot in weeks

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