Is IVR Holding Back Your Business?


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is the cornerstone of any contact center, but it may also be the biggest stumbling block.

The constraints of existing IVR can lead to frustrated customers and overworked agents. Limited options (e.g. “press 1 for X, press 2 for Y, etc…”) can result in long wait times, dropped calls and repetitive questions for live agents. IVR is great for call routing, but it’s not designed to reduce live agent calls or deliver a stellar customer experience. 

While many enterprises have an existing IVR system that is not fully meeting their needs, the sunk costs of time and resources during build-out may eliminate the desire or ability to rebuild or start from scratch.

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Zammo’s platform delivers a conversational AI layer that can be incorporated into your existing IVR system – meaning there’s no need to start over or rebuild. Conversational AI allows companies to modernize their intelligent contact center with game-changing technology that can recognize speech, understand intent, decipher different languages and respond in a way that mimics human speech. Conversational AI can handle your contact center’s repetitive conversations and workflows, saving your agents for more complex and comprehensive conversations. 

With Zammo’s no-code platform and dashboard, conversational content is simple to create and can range from delivering FAQ-type information (e.g. check store hours, ask about the return policy, etc), etc.) to complex multi-turn conversations with connections to APIs and backend system integrations as needed (e.g. check the status of an order, make a purchase or return, etc). Augmenting your existing IVR system with conversational AI is simple, and your subscription allows your team to create content quickly, make edits and publish as needed, gain valuable insights from consolidated data analytics and enhance your overall customer experience. 

For the customer, the experience is seamless:

  • Customer calls your existing phone number
  • That line is transferred to the Zammo platform where your custom-created conversational AI handles the bulk of your call volume. 
  • If at any point the customer requests a live agent, they are simply transferred back to your existing call queue. 
  • To read more of our IVR FAQ's, click here  

Plus, Zammo’s dashboard provides insights from actual engagement to drive the optimization of your content, saving your company time and money. These analytics and raw data provide insights into success rates and show word-for-word what your customers are asking.  Zammo also offers an analytics API, which can be exported into existing services (like Power BI) for consolidation with other relevant metrics.

Here are a few more ways Zammo can improve your contact center and existing IVR system:

  • NO wait time for customers to access conversational AI content or workflows.
  • ‘No-code’ means creating Q&A content or multi-turn workflows is easy for your team and does not require IT support.
  • Zammo can connect to APIs and your backend systems, meaning deeper and more transactional capabilities with your customers.
  • Multilingual capabilities allow you to communicate effectively with your customers without multilingual staff.
  • The conversational AI content created for your IVR system can also be deployed to chatbot channels and voice assistants (e.g. Amazon Alexa or Google Voice), meeting your customers wherever they are and however they like to communicate.
  • Intelligent contact centers report drastically reduced wait times and cost savings of over $100,000 per month with the deployment of conversational AI. 

Is IVR holding back your business? Visit to contact our team today and see how we can help deliver cost savings, happier staff and an improved customer experience.

Eager to learn more? Check out our videos showcasing how Zammo’s no-code platform is revolutionizing business for enterprises and government agencies.



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