The Evolution Of IVR / Telephony In Your Intelligent Contact Center

Today’s contact IVR is an inflexible, rules-based interactive Voice Response fueled by preset questions and answers. Conversational AI ushers in the future of having an intelligent, natural, emotionally engaging conversation with your audience without the monotony of recorded IVR responses.


Your team can be up and runing within 1 day, without any IT experience. Existing staff members can get started with auto- converting and publishing your existing F.A.Q. Your team can even listen to how the questions and answers will sound to your audiences prior to going live.


Zammo’s software platform users artifical intelligence (AI) to “analyze” the knowledge base you already have, then auto-converts your written content to a question-and-answer conversational format. You can personalize what your audience hears by choosing a custom neural voice that fits with your brand presence.


Your organization can harness the power of machine learning to understand inquiries from your audience and deliver the appropriate answer in a human-like way. Machine learning picks up on the differences of asking the same question in a different way and delivers the corrrect answer that you designate.

Communicate with your audience up to 6x faster, and drastically reduce contact center costs by up to 90%

See how augmenting your existing IVR system with conversational AI is proven game-changer in modernizing your intelligent contact center.

Use Conversational AI To Create Or Augment Your IVR

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  • Auto-Convert Your Existing Q & A
  • Use Our Simulator To Test Before Going Live
  • Publishing Your IVR / Telephony
  • Creating Content In Our No-code Platform
  • Intelligent Insights & Analytics

Having Zammo Can Vastly Improve Your IVR In Your Enterprise Or Government Agency

Conversational AI ushers in the future of having an intelligent, natural, emotionally engaging conversation with your audience without the monotony of recorded IVR responses.

Leverage Advanced Features Without An
Advanced Degree Or IT Professional

Integration with
Technologies you already use

Our platform is built for easy integration with APIs and backend systems, which makes expanding your conversational AI even easier as you grow your voice presence.

Multi-language capabilites

Use Zammo’s auto-translation feature, or create multiple knowledge bases in several languages to broaden your reach and usability for various languages.

Sub-branding functionality

Create separate sub-accounts for subsidiary businesses or sub-brands, and even create business units, products, services, or locations within that sub-account.

voice assistant enablement

The same conversational content that fuels your IVR can be simultaneously referenced by various voice assistants when your audience performs voice search on their mobile device, or voice- enabled smart products.

Users can check voice domain (aka invocation name) availability right from our platform for both Alexa and Google Assistant. In a couple of clicks you can secure your domain name, and publish previously created converational content automatically.

“We were gratified to find that in under a week, the virtual agent was live in our vaccination pre-registration helpline – answering 80% of calls and resolving 43% without requiring a live agent! It has also been a triumph to have a platform that could easily be customized to meet the needs of a population diverse in age, ethnicity, and more”

David Godfrey
CIO, Health and Human Services, Montgomery County Government