Microsoft AI Use Case of the Year

Audrey Riedel

The Project Voice Awards honors global best-in-class achievements across voice technology and conversational AI. This year, was awarded the Microsoft AI Use Case of the Year award for their impressive and extensive integration of Microsoft technology in their platform. They were also a finalist for Independent Voice/AI Company of the Year. Last year, CEO, Alex Farr, was a finalist for the Voice/AI Pioneer of the Year.


In developing their platform, relied on Microsoft technologies to help craft the dynamic, cost-efficient, and easy-to-use technology that enables businesses to build a voice app and establish a conversational AI presence.’s solution leverages Microsoft Bot Framework and Azure Artificial Intelligence and is intentionally built so any business user – regardless of size and resources – can build, publish, and manage content across all channels using conversational AI tools without having to invest time and money in extensive IT projects.’s 100% Azure-based SaaS platform enables businesses to communicate and transact with their customers, employees, and the public across voice assistants & chatbots on one user-friendly portal – all without any coding experience.  

Enterprise subscribers can take advantage of the UI Builder, which leverages Microsoft Composer, enabling high value custom conversation modules tailored to specific use cases as well as deeper transactional capabilities – i.e. taking reservations, scheduling appointments, and selling products on voice and chatbots – through integrations with existing APIs and backend software. Microsoft QnA Maker makes it easy for businesses creating their voice app through the portal to auto-ingest FAQ pages and website content. 

When customers voice a question or command, Microsoft’s LUIS software interprets the user goals and distills valuable information from those sentences. And because LUIS is actively learning, the chatbot users develop is always improving. has also integrated Microsoft’s translation service in the voice apps our platform develops, allowing businesses to utilize the 40 available languages.   


King County, WA needed conversational AI to respond to a flood of public queries at the outbreak of COVID-19. This customer selected over other options (Azure Health Bot, Power Virtual Agents and building the bot themselves) that Microsoft offered. had their bot, which included Microsoft Dynamics integration, live in five days. Following the launch, the team reviewed user engagement data to refine and create new content that reduced missed utterances by 85 percent, and address top-of-mind issues and concerns.  

“I think it really shows how easy it is to, not only deploy tech solutions but address a business need and do so in a quick manner…” said Tanya Hannah, Chief Information Officer & Director, King County in a feature of and King County at a Microsoft AI Virtual Event.  

Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 11.55.58 AM

Microsoft introduced to King County’s neighbor, Snohomish County. Within two days, Snohomish County was able to quickly build and deploy a web chatbot in partnership with Microsoft and to make information available to residents 24/7. Snohomish County utilized’s translation feature, making the chatbot accessible in 47 languages. 44% of queries originated from voice assistants (Alexa or Google Assistant) while 56% came through their web bot, even though the web bot was the only platform mentioned in their media rollout. Microsoft featured Snohomish County’s success, as enabled by at Microsoft's largest AI event globally, the AI Virtual Summit. 

MICROSOFT AMPLIFICATION is the only partner featured in Microsoft’s Empowering AI Documentary, which captures the AI-driven innovation of three enterprise customers, including Snohomish County and King County for COVID-19 response. Additionally, Microsoft released a separate video, Empowering AI for Government, that specifically includes both customer executives for Snohomish County and King County on camera describing their conversational AI successes with 

Snohomish County Executive Director, Kendee Yamaguchi, was so impressed that she introduced to the county’s chamber of commerce, who not only became a customer, but also hosted a workshop where businesses across the county, with zero IT resources, were able to stand up chatbots on web and voice assistants.  


Microsoft hosted a series of ten workshops in August and September of 2020 to show organizations how to get moving fast with The workshops focused on industries such as Higher Education, Retail, and Government agencies and taught them how makes it possible for them to create a branded multichannel conversational AI presence without any technical resources. Another round of six workshops demonstrating’s technology geared towards SMBs took place in January 2021. In fact, in a rare and unique collaboration, the Microsoft Store

Team conducted the final two workshops seamlessly and are now equipped to highlight’s solution in the future.  

The services that Microsoft provides are absolutely essential to the foundation and operation of’s platform. Microsoft saw the vital need for conversational AI software and equipped with the tools to build a voice-driven solution that has benefited organizations of all sizes across all industries. Voice-first is not only the direction that all business interactions are heading, but it is revealing itself as a much-needed point of access for consumers of all needs to interact with businesses. 

Eager to learn more? Check out our videos showcasing how Zammo’s no-code platform is revolutionizing business for enterprises and government agencies.



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