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The world’s only no-code, voice first conversational AI
platform for the enterprise.

Powered by Microsoft Azure, Zammo is the easiest to use, most reasonably priced all-in-one SaaS platform enabling non-IT professionals to create and deploy conversational content within 1 DAY.

The Zammo Difference

Zammo is powered and partnered with Microsoft. We have a lot of amazing functionality and features our competition doesn’t have. Get Zammo, and you’ll have somthing your competiton doesn’t have... the tools to take your enterprise to the next level.

Watch our short informational video showcasing the practical application of AI-powered tools, and how you can get started with creating voice assistants, best-in-class Chatbots, and Telephony/ IVR (Interactive Voice Recognition) for your enterprise.

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Equipping Enterprises


Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the technology behind automated messaging and speech-enabled applications that offer human-like interactions between computers and humans. Conversational AI recognizes speech and text, understands intent, deciphers different languages, and responds in a way that mimics human conversation.

6X Faster Answers & 90% Lower Contact Center Costs

Zammo enables automation and interactive answers to most routine and repetitive questions or informational inquiries from your customers. Our no-code cloud platform allows even non-technical staff to build and deploy AI-powered conversational content to augment your existing contact center IVR, enhance website chatbots, and provide answers to inquiries received from voice assistants.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

First, Zammo’s innovative software platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze and convert the F.A.Q. and other support resources you already have into conversational content. Then, machine learning is used to understand inquiries from your audience, and deliver the appropriate answer from your provided content in an interactive way. More advanced, multi-turn conversations also provide the ability to add appropriate links to additional resources, products, or services in responses.

Enterprise Impact With Zammo

Powered by Microsoft Azure, Zammo’s cloud-based conversational AI platform is recognized as the easiest to use, most affordably priced, enabling non-IT professionals to launch their conversational AI platform in less than a day! Zammo handles publishing your content as a chatbot on your website, conversationally on voice apps like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or other channels like SMS (text message), Microsoft Teams, Facebook Messenger and others.

This means that Zammo is engineered for content to be published to voice channels like telephony and voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and potentially, even emerging voice technologies, as well as chatbots. Because of this, the content extends to voice telephony and chatbots natively without any software patches or IT workarounds required.

Our Competitors

Most of Zammo’s competitors are either engineered with a chatbot-first approach, which means that all content needs to be re-factored for voice, or are built specifically for voice without the ability to extend the same content to chatbots and telephony.

Zammo’s easy-to-use platform allows you to create content with our drag and drop-type editor and publish your content to multiple channels without writing a single line of code.

Our Competitors

While a few competitors have drag and drop-type editors, none combine this functionality with the ability to publish content across conversational AI channels (voice telephony, voice assistants and chatbots) all from one single platform.

Our platform is built for easy integration with APIs and backend systems, which makes expanding your conversational AI even easier as you grow your voice presence.

Our Competitors

While many competitors also offer highly manual integration capabilities, they typically require service contracts to build out those integrations on your behalf.

Create content once and publish it to your activated channels simultaneously (voice assistants, IVR, chatbots).

Our Competitors

Competitors generally offer either multiple chat channels or multiple voice channels, but rarely voice, chat and telephony and never the ability to publish to all chosen channels simultaneously.

Before publishing, check to see if your voice domain (aka invocation name) is available on both Alexa and Google Assistant. If the domain is available, Zammo will secure your domain name and get you published automatically.

Our Competitors

Zammo is the only solution on the market that allows you to see if your invocation name is available prior to publishing.

In just a few simple onboarding screens you can create your enterprise profile, add content, and publish to all channels all from your Zammo platform.

Our Competitors

Competitors to Zammo allow you to build conversational AI content, but none allow you to publish directly from their platform. They generally require you to take what you’ve built and then push it manually to your selected channels, which also means you must continuously maintain content across multiple channels.

Using your Zammo portal, you can test your content on Alexa & Google Assistant, interact with a test chatbot, and even call a test phone number to hear and interact with your content prior to publishing.

Our Competitors

Competitors allow for some testing, but none combine the comprehensive testing on a simulated version of your website, phone number and on voice assistants like Zammo provides.

Use your same core content to fuel both voice or screen-based communications with your customers. Simply tailor content to make the experience more natural and intuitive for each communication delivery.

Our Competitors

Zammo’s voice/chatbot toggle stands alone in the industry. None of our competitors make tailoring content for voice and screen-based channels so easy and intuitive.

Businesses can start with FAQ content and then customize, expand, and optimize their conversational AI as needed using the UI Builder to build out more complex conversations and integrations.

Our Competitors

While some competitors offer scalability from FAQ to more complex conversational AI content design, all require you to export that content and push it to the channels, which in the end means you have to manage each channel separately.

Use Zammo’s auto-translation feature, or create multiple knowledge bases in several languages to broaden your reach and usability for various languages.

Our Competitors

While a few competitor platforms offer auto-translation, none offer both the ability to use auto-translation or create separate knowledge bases in multiple languages.

Zammo gives your team insights to gauge your audience engagement and optimize your content based on user data. Utilize our built-in data analytics dashboard for your team to learn from your customer interactions, allowing your team to refine your content to be more natural and intuitive.

Our Competitors

Zammo’s cross-channel analytics is the only of its kind on the market which provides both a cross-channel analytics dashboard, raw data, and an API which allows customers to export their data and pull it into a data visualization product.

Zammo enterprise accounts have built-in functionality to create separate sub-accounts for subsidiary businesses or sub-brands, and even create business units, products, services, or locations within that sub-account. Management features like white labeling, separate billing, and separate content management enables enterprises as they scale.

Our Competitors

No competitors have this sub-branding or agency-type model, meaning a large enterprise or agency would need to create separate accounts for each sub-brand or agency customer.

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Zammo’s AI-powered tools deliver answers to routine and repetitive questions up to 6X faster and at 90% cost savings compared to staffing, training, and managing your contact center.

Zammo enables enterprises to vastly improve their contact center without replacing anything. Our AI-augmentation layer eases the burden on your staff, and delivers massive cost savings up to 90% from your current budgets; while delivering an outstanding experience for your users.

$11 Billion Est.Support Costs Saved by 2025.


Enterprises that link products and service chatbot questions with information and resources to upsell or cross-sell will experience a significant increase in sales revenue. Build and deploy a chatbot on your website in less than 1 DAY.

Add links to products in your eCommerce store, or refer chatbot users to your sales team for them to learn more about your customers’ needs, and sell solutions that will deepen relationships and grow revenue in your company.


According to Accenture Strategy’s recent research, 75% of customers prefer short response times and 55% of customers want consistency and accuracy of information across all communication channels.

41% of adults use voice search at least once per day. Ensuring that your brand can be easily found is critical to reaching more customers as voice grows in popularity

1.83 BILLION Use Voice AI Worldwide


Compliance mandates relating to diversity and inclusion (D&I) will drive enterprise innovation to reach people with disabilities. Such users become loyal customers when they are given tools to transact with enterprises like yours; including countless use cases such as seeking employment, obtaining information, and much more.

Leading your competition in the area of accessibility can signal an enterprise-wide commitment to reaching this audience and providing them with the tools to grow their relationship with your company for years and even generations to come.

8 TRILLIONDisposable Income of Disabled Consumers