Grow your business by offering world-class conversational AI solutions to your customers

Top 10 Reasons to Participate

Conversational AI is infiltrating the enterprise at warp-speed.

Grow your business

Widen your portfolio

Retain customers

Establish new relationships

Gain competitive advantage

Deliver a Voice App/Chabot without a huge IT investment

Win the account with a proof of concept within a day

Don’t start from scratch: implement a Voice-First approach

Be part of the digital transformation with voice

Make content accessible for your customers

Grow your business

Retain customers

Gain competitive advantage

Win the account with a proof of concept within a day

Be part of the digital transformation with voice

Establish new relationships

Widen your portfolio

Deliver a Voice App/Chabot without a huge IT investment

Don’t start from scratch: implement a Voice-First approach

Make content accessible for your customers

The Impact Of Partnering With Zammo

Create Additional Revenue Streams

Growing monthly recurring revenue is as easy as adding conversational AI to your portfolio. Cross-sell and upsell existing clients by offering them the ability to automate communications with human-like interaction, improve their customer experience and reduce operational costs.


Differentiate your company by partnering with Zammo. Your agency can create telephony IVR’s to automate routine inquiries, chatbots to handle website questions and get your clients on voice ahead of their competition.


Project cycle times are drastically shortened with our no-code platform handling content creation and simultaneous deployment to multiple channels. Keep costs down and profits high by delivering additional value to your clients.

See the future of creating intelligent, natural, emotionally
engaging conversational tools for your clients

Powered by Microsoft Azure, Zammo is the world’s only voice-first, conversational AI solution for companies that are looking for a zero-code platform with a 1-day setup and deployment.

Most subscribers are creating and deploying content in just days.

Four Easy Steps to Partner with Zammo


Create your Partner Account


Receive training and get equipped with sales collateral


Start taking on client projects & get additional coaching from our pros


Experience revenue growth by delivering additional value and services to your customers

Partners go into Production within Days of Selling to New or Existing Clients

“Partnering with Zammo gave us a no-code platform, and the training resources for our team to offer new billable services and client support as we use conversational AI to create best-in-class Chatbots, Telephony/IVR, and get our clients on voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant.”

Anne Wheatley
Innovation Sales Specialist, Crayon


OnBoarding, Training, and Integration

A step-by-step process to deliver the learning your team needs, and prepare your company before taking on client projects.

We work directly with your team during account creation, and host your choice of a pre-recorded or live training on how to create initial conversational content.


Your Success is our Success

A library of resources that explain the features and benefits of AI-powered communications tools to your clients. Digital collateral includes: brochures, sell sheets, educational videos, digital flipbooks, demonstration videos, and more.

Brochures & Digital Assets

Digital assets can also be printed and distributed.

Engaging Presentations

Clearly convey use cases, platform functionality, and security details.

Demonstrations & Webinars

Both pre-recorded, or live online delivery available.

support for your clients

Client Training and Support

White-labeled resources help your customers to learn the functionality of the platform, and get self-help prior to reaching out to your staff for help.

Partners are provided a whitelabeled support portal that can provide your clients with unrestricted access to the support they need, when they need it.

  Resell Refer White-Label* ISV
Signed NDA * * * *
Signed agreement * * * *
Sales enablement tools * * * *
Branded portal * * * *
Commitment to resell * * * *
Trained staff * * * *
Procurement * * * *

* The Partner has its own instance of the portal with its own brand and activates customers on its own

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