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Launch your Voice App on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant in Just Hours

What does your audience hear when they ask about you?

WithOUT Zammo, Alexa and Google Assistant will only return results using miscellaneous information found online.


WITH Zammo, you have the power to correct existing information Alexa and Google Assistant convey to your audience while adding updated information.

Voice Technology Trends


Americans use smartphones that are equipped with a voice assistant


U.S. households have voice-enabled devices


Anticipated revenue attributed to voice technologies by 2026


Business decision-makers are looking to voice to improve productivity

This is Why you Need Zammo

Secure Your Voice Domain Name

Check availability and obtain your invocation name (aka voice domain name) for Alexa and Google Assistant.

Automated Setup, Zero Code, Zero Stress

Easily convert your existing content to conversational AI. Zammo deploys a voice app on Alexa and Google Assistant in just one click.

Control Your Presence On Voice Assistants

Without a voice app, you do not have a voice presence. Instead, voice assistants may be directing your audience to competitors or providing misleading information.

Secure your Voice Domain

Zammo can secure a unique, branded, invocation name (aka voice domain name) in minutes.

With the innovation of the internet, securing your website domain name was critical for your organization. With the innovation of voice, securing your invocation name is just as critical.

1. Select a Category

2. Check the availability of your desired invocation name

3. Simultaneously publish to and

Impacting People with Disabilities

We are passionate about our platform's ability to enable interactions between you and people with disabilities whom you otherwise could not have reached. We enable you to grow your audience and interact in a natural and intuitive way.

Click below to see how Zammo is harnessing voice technology to level the playing field for individuals with disabilities:

Shopping via Voice Assistants: What Your Brand Needs to do to Stand Out

The internet has reinvented how people shop and reshaped the retail industry. Voice assistants are ushering in new innovations. Read what the Harvard Business Review has to say about the future of conversational commerce.

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